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Free fundraiser-please allow us to help
Posted by Mythology7 (Guest) - Tuesday, August 15 2006, 14:11:07 (EDT)
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Website title: The Good Home Loan Place

Please allow us to partner with your organization in giving to the community. The Good Home Loan Place would like to extend a Free membership to your organization for our "Helping Homes" Program. As a Helping Homes Member, your organization will receive donations of $100 or more for every home loan referral you send our way.

What your referrals receive:

-Excellent home loan program options (rates as low as 1.0%; great loan programs regardless of credit).

-Access to our comprehensive database of Non-profit Organizations that give Home Buyer Grants to cover downpayment, closing costs, & debt consolidation. (Grants do not need to be repaid.)

-Access to a wonderful online Homeowners community (Free contractor estimates, contests & awards, forums, freebies, etc.)

-A gift from us on your behalf to thank your referral for their support

What your organization receives:

-Donations of $100 or more for your Home Buyer referrals

-Access to other organizations offering Grants to groups like yours

-Publication of your organization's news & events in our online & print publications

-An online community of other organizations like yours (forums, awards, contests, freebies, etc.)

-An opportunity to help your employees, supporters, & community achieve their homeownership dreams

We are a full-service mortgage firm offering:

-Home/Real Estate Investment loan programs for every Home Buyer (regardless of income or credit)

-Home Buyer Grant programs to cover downpayment, closing costs, & debt consolidation

-Home products & services for home improvements
...and much more.

We offer excellent service and can arrange to meet clients by phone, email, fax, or in-person.

At the Good Home Loan Place, we believe that good homes and good communities go together, so let us partner with your organization to help homebuyers realize their dreams. When we help your referrals, your organization will receive $100 or more each time.

It's free and easy to register as a member of our "Helping Homes" program to start receiving donations for your organization.

You can simply:

Visit & click on the Helping Homes Program Page. Then fill out the appropriate registration form.


Send an email to:
Please include the following info:

your name
phone #

We will get in contact with you to confirm your registration information and give you instructions for how you can begin sending your referrals immediately. Everyone is eligible to participate including your employees, donors, & the community you serve.

*As a Bonus, if your group registers before 8/31/2006, we will add a $10 bonus for each referral you send ($110 per referral).

We look forward to partnering with your organization to help serve your community.


Athena Gough
Business Director
"Where Good Homes & Good Communities Meet"


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