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Posted by Hamlynden (Guest) - Tuesday, April 3 2007, 20:19:08 (EDT)
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Hi I am secretary of Vision of faith Ministry. Please allow me to
tell you about our group.The group helps women and men who would like to
reverse their Tubal Litigations or Vasectomies. We have
met hundreds of women and men along the way who shared
in our goal. Unfortunately, finances are often a very
large hurdle for many women and men, and we are hoping
to help overcome that hurdle by joining forces. We have
opened a group and website which has a message forum
for our members to support and educate. Vision of Faith
Reversal Ministry, focuses on Christian men and women
who need tubal or vasectomy reversal procedures. Our
funding program will fund up to a maximum of 3000.00
per individual, and the members will be responsible for
any other fees incurred.

Because we are a new group, we are attempting to come up with fundraiser ideas but because we all live so far apart and in different states i have racked my brain as far as to what fundraisers we can do. we are a small group we also take donations. but if you guys could give me some ideas i would really appriciate it. here is our website so you can get a better idea of whoo we are

Tanya Hamlyn

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