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Posted by Sharon W (Guest) - Sunday, October 19 2003, 12:46:10 (PDT)
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has lot of ideas under school fundraising link as well as under fundraising ideas and tips link

here is a break down in your sales
you can buy 100 acrylic ornaments delivered for $350 total,
that is each ornament for $3.50

you can retail the ornament for $7 - which would leave
you with $350 total profit

most retail them for 9.95 which then creates profit of $645.00

you can even pre-sell:

say you start with the smallest order of 100 ornaments

first use the line art at our fundraising ideas and tips section
and copy (use a photocopy machine) your artwork, like school logo
or Microsoft Word or Microsoft Publisher to make a mock up
display of what the ornament will look like

create a nice display area where all parents sign their
children in: you can obtain a sample from us - email us
for a sample and we will be happy to send one -- and display
your art work so the parents could envision how your school
ornament will look once delivered

place some order forms next to your display where you ask for
parents name and address and how many, give instructions to
fill out the form and put it in the box holder with a payment check for
the whole amount

then see how long it takes you to collect orders for 50 ornaments
as once you have checks for 50 ornaments you have already collected enough to prepay the whole order

then place your order.

You can also create a flyer to send home with each child, anouncing
a very First Edition of your Schools Ornaments! This is usually
well received as both kids and parents love to own this sort
of "memorabilia" which will remind them for years to come of those
school years.

Dating the ornaments with year is a tricky issue - if you do not date
them and have some left over then you can sell them next year any time...

Dated ones however are collectible and more desired. So first year,
if you are not sure of your sales, you can call your ornaments
First Edition... then next year when you know how many you have
already sold, it will be easier for your to make sure you do not
run out too early or have any left over, then those can be dated with
a year.


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