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Posted by Sharon W (Guest) - Wednesday, November 5 2003, 14:32:28 (PST)
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You can create any profit in your fundraiser sponsors.

For example if you use the acrylic ornament your total cost delivered and imprinted is $3.50 per ornament. You can sell them at any price you like,
so if you sell them for $7.00 your profit would be 100%, if you sell them
for 9.95 your profit will be almost 200%

The Glass ornaments are also great, the 3-1/4" glass ornament is the size
sold in Hallmark stores - the Hallmark Christmas Balls collectibles sell
for an average $15.00 per ornament so you can design a 300% profit fundraiser
by pricing the 3-1/4" Christmas balls at 14.95 and you cost on these
if you get the minimum order is $5.25 delivered


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