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Posted by Brenda (Guest) - Saturday, January 3 2004, 17:04:22 (PST)
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We are doing this at our church for a youth choir fundraiser. It can be loads of fun. We got some old toilets, decorated them, put fake flowers in them, then put a notice in our church mailout that the "Traveling Thrones" would be coming to yards of our church members, but if they wanted to buy insurance to keep the toilets out of their yard, they could do so for a $20.00 donation to the youth choir. If a name is not on our insurance list and we put the toilet in that person's yard, then he must pay $20 to get it out of his yard, plus he can give us the name of the person he would like it delivered to.

Another fundraiser the youth choir did was have a Dinner Theatre. We sold tickets for $5.00, served a simple spaghetti supper with salad, bread, and dessert, and had the Youth Choir perform their Christmas music for the entertainment. They did skits and sang. It was great fun, and we sold all the tickets we printed, which was about 200.

Last year we did a Youth Choir talent night with a Silent Auction. It was very successful. Any church member could do talent, and it was a night to remember!

Hopefully these suggestions will be helpful. If your school or PTA is interested in purchasing dictionarys or theasaursuses for each student's use, email me. My husband's company sells these, and I would be glad to get you information about them



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