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Posted by Waamfar (Guest) - Sunday, November 19 2006, 13:13:27 (EST)
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We just completed a CD based on biblical principles found in the book of Nehemiah. Some of those principles include unity, faithfulness, integrity and honor - great messages for all ages!

We have partnered with three local private schools and will be starting the fundraisers within the next week. The CD's sell for 15 dollars each, and 5 dollars from each CD is sent back to the school. Checks are mailed or hand delivered, depending on location.. , once per week.

There's no upfront cost to any school or church. We get to spread the gospel via music and the school or church benefits from some extra funds that are always needed.

Please check us out at The STORE page has some samples.. Our other site is www.sundawgsmusicgroup which I am almost finished with. It will have the details on there by tomorrow morning...(Nov. 19th, 2006)..

Please prayerfully consider this. We hope to hear from you.
Amy Farley
Sundawgs Music Group


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