Ideas for easy and profitable fundraiser

Christmas Fundraising

Our Christmas ornaments are custom printed and delivered to you individually boxed - a perfect fundraiser!

Step-by-Step How to Make your Ornament Fundraiser a success!

  1. Produce a Fundraising Flyer - it can be black and white photocopy, as long as it has a sample picture of an ornament and an Order form for your members to use while fundraising. You can copy any graphics from our website by simply hovering over any image we have and right clicking with your mouse, then click - save as to your hard drive. Or if you have a Microsoft Publisher, you can downloand our Publisher Brochure by clicking here so you can edit it for your purpose: Edit its pricing and any info there and you can produce a professional flyer for your fundraisers to present as an illustration during your pre-sale. The Flyer is in ZIP form, so you will have to unzip it. If you need unzipping software go to

    If you are using our ornaments in an event, create a flyer for the event. You have limited space so make sure to take time to create a catchy message that will peak the interest of the reader and compel them to come to the event.

  2. You can browse our design showcase for inspiration - Click Here to browse our Ornament Design Showcase with hundreds of ornaments! ... will open a new window.

    you can either print those drawings from your web browser or save those images to your hard drive by hovering over the image with your mouse, clicking the right mouse button and choosing Save - As option in the menu that pops up.

    After you print the line drawing of your specific ornament choice, you can copy and paste your logo and inscription (( which you can set us in Microsoft word or any graphics program yourself - or if you have already placed an order with us, we will send you layout proof which will exactly fit into the imprint area, so you can use our proof to start taking orders before your ornaments arrive.

    You can see the finished layout AND COMPARE imprint areas of all of our ornament product lines by clicking here.

  3. Start Fundraising Now: you can send each of your members with the flyer pre-selling the ornaments, explaining to the sponsors that not only they will get a nice collectible ornament, especially designed by you but also their purchase will help raising funds for your specific purpose.
  4. Encourage Multiple Sales: you can also stress to your sponsors that they can purchase more than one ornament since you have to put together a minimum order of at least 100 ornaments to be able to buy and deliver the ornaments - most families have not problem purchasing one ornament for themselves and sending another ornament to Grandma, Uncle or another Relative or Friend.
  5. Measure your test period: measure how many you have sold in how many days ((give your members a week or so for the test period, ask your members who are doing the fundraising what percentage of their potential prospects they already covered in that week - then you can easily and safely project if you will sell 100 or 200 or a 1000 by the time your fundraising season completes. This lets you pre-sell and also collect deposits well in advance of your order arrival! If you collect deposits for the ornaments, you can collect certain percentage of the order upfront or the whole amount to help you with the cash flow. Many fundraising groups we have talked to were concerned if they would collect enough orders to meet the 100 unit minimum and after they made the weeks test, they ended up ordering anywhere from 200 or more since their test was a huge success!
  6. The ornaments are one of the kind and used for a fundraising cause so you should be able to charge two or three or four times your cost. Whatever you think is appropriate for your community.
  7. Promote your fundraiser! It is extremely important to take time and promote your fundraising event so all that hard work will bear fruits. We have built a brand new section on our site devoted to promoting your fundraiser.

More Fundraising Ideas

  • Print your School, Church, Organization or Team Name on the Ornament
  • Print Your Sports Team's Name and Logo
  • Print a current year or Anniversary date
  • Print First Edition on the ornament - first editions are valuable!
  • Make a tradition of Ornament fund raising each Holiday season.
  • Date or Number the ornaments so they become collectible as they are in limited edition each year. Use a permanent ink pen to Issue Limited Edition Numbers onto each Ornament piece.
  • If you are not sure how many you will sell, do not print the year on the ornament, but instead buy a permanent marker pen in a craft store, and hand-inscribe the year onto each ornament - so if you have some left over, you may re-use those next year.
  • You can further personalize the ornaments with names, signatures, dates or anything to be remembered that can be hand inscribed directly on to the Christmas Ball with a permanent ink pen available in any craft store.
  • Churches successfully use our product yearly, imprinting the Church picture, year, prayer or legend directly onto each ornament.
  • Suggest a Fund Raiser Price at double or triple of your cost and encourage multiple purchases as Holiday Gifts for family members and friends.
  • If you have Sponsors, you may consider promoting a free THANK YOU gift ornament for a donation of over a certain amount. This stimulates higher donation levels. Your ornament may also have an imprint such as "Thank you for supporting ... your Organization name ..." or a similar inscription.
Visit our Fundraising Ideas pages for more tips.

You can use our design templates in your ornament design - Click Here to browse our free Ornament Design Templates ! ... will open a new window.